Saturday, July 16, 2011

Another Summer update

We've been having fun this are our pictures!
First up:  ice treasure hunting.  I put several small toys in a bowl and froze them.  Bear and Daddy had fun excavating them.
 Next:  We (meaning Daddy) sliced up a pool noodle and made some nice marble tracks.  They raced marbles for quite a while.  There was some experimenting and we even got a loop-de-loop out of it!  They loved that.  Bear also learned to play marbles so we've been having fun with that too.
 Third:  Scratch and sniff paint!  Kool aid + a little water is all you need.  It does stain though so be careful!
 And last, self-portrait dolls.  I got this idea here:
Bear wanted to do her whole family.  Bug just colored on one that I made of her.  The pics aren't very clear and I forgot to take a picture of the back, but they do like them - despite Bear's somber look!

Hope you enjoy these shots and maybe get some good ideas! 

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