Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Texting was invented for me

Alright, I am just going to lay it all on the line here...  I hate talking on the phone.  More than talking on the phone, I hate calling people.  Family, friends, complete strangers.  I just don't want to dial.  Call me, I'll be happy to talk to you, but please don't make me initiate.  It's awkward.  I don't handle awkward well.  This one thing is probably on the top of Nick's pet peeve list of stuff I do.  I'll grab the phone, dial the number, and hand it off to him.  I used to talk on the phone for hours and hours.  I couldn't tell you what it all was about.  I guess I just talked myself out in my teen years and I have nothing left now.  But mostly, it's just awkward.  

That's all.  Just needed to get that out tonight.  

Friday, June 22, 2012

Information Overload

So yeah, we made it to the Reach the U Institute in Springfield for a jam packed week of training.  God provided miraculously and we took off!  It was crazy intense, to say the least.  I definitely had information overload and I am still processing everything.  The need for what we are doing became more real to me, for sure.  I am itching to get out there and start working.  But for now, I have to be content with praying and talking to people about the vision God has placed in our hearts.

And that is place we are in at the moment.  Sharing and praying and believing God to open hearts and doors for people to partner with us in this mission.  We have just over a month to raise a minimum budget and get moved to Arkansas.  Without having the budget pledged, we cannot even go there.  That is honestly a scary thought to me.   I am constantly reminding myself that God has this.  Thus far, He has opened every door and brought confirmation after confirmation.  But still, that deadline is looming at me and I can't help but regress in my thoughts at times.  Call me weak...you wouldn't be lying.  If I weren't weak, why would I need Jesus, right?

So far, we are at about 13% of the minimum amount of faith promises we need to be allowed to go to Arkansas for the internship.   Which means that we have 87% to go and a very short time to do it.  So I breathe deeply, pray constant prayers, and keep believing.  Sending many emails and making phone calls is becoming the norm around here. (and I hate talking on the phone)

I am asking you to please pray about partnering with us in this venture.  These young adults need Jesus.  They need a place to feel loved and they need to learn the truth.  No investment is too small (or too large, for that matter).  Please don't think we are asking you to invest in us.  We're weak, remember.  We're asking you to invest into the Kingdom; into God's vision for reaching the lost one lamb at a time.

I'm including a link to a Youtube video called "The Ache."  It's the cry of many in our universities today.  I was struck by the confusion of this one who follows Jesus.  How much more lost are those who do not know Him?


Thanks for listening.  Thanks for praying.  Thanks for partnering.