Monday, January 14, 2013

Crawling my way back to life

I used to be organized.  Once, long ago, I had a plan for everything, a place for everything and had it all figured out in my mind.  Things have gotten a lot more complicated since then.  Two kids, more bills, multiple calendars, work, school, ministry...I can't keep up with it all.  I think it started just over four years ago when I released I hadn't balanced my checkbook in 18 months.  Even though I managed to catch it up, a little part of me gave up at that moment.  Even more things started slipping. And now I find myself  constantly behind and constantly frustrated.  I don't like living this way.  Part of the reason is that most days I have very little energy. This is probably due to a poor diet.  Thankfully, in the last few months I have revolutionized my activity level.  By I still feel tired, behind, and somewhat out of control.  I was told this weekend by a friend that I was the most balanced person she knows.  If I am, it's only by the grace of God.  Some days it's hard to even get out of bed, much less do anything worthwhile!

So here I am, two weeks late...not making resolutions, but goals to get myself on track.  I've learned to cut myself a lot of slack in many areas and I'm glad.  Perfection is my enemy.

So here are my goals for the coming months.  I won't say the year, because some of these might not turn out to be realistic.  Or I may find I need to complete a different goal in order to move on to another goal.  It's a work in progress.

1.  Continue exercising- add at least one more day per week
2. Transition my family from processed to real foods as much as possible-use a menu
3. Consciously make an effort to practice kindness and friendship to my children
4. Carve out time each with my husband
5.  Set and maintain a schedule.  Not to fill my day, but to bring order to what I have to do.  Use a daily system to keep me on track.
6.  Make a home organizational binder
7. Devote 20 minutes a week to simplifying life and possessions.
8.  Make a plan to get out of debt (again) and stick to it.
9.  Most importantly, make the time to fuel my Spirit through daily interaction and relationship with Jesus.

I am hoping that once I accomplish some of these, that I can plan some other projects without overloading myself.  I can't be the person I need to be if I am all over the place.

Now my goals are out there for the world to see.  I believe I can make these changes...I'm sure revisions will be in the making!

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