Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Fun

So Summer is in full swing (as if you can't tell by the sweltering heat outside!)  With summer has come a burst of crafting and sewing for me.  Though we homeschooled last year and school flowed easier into the summer, I am trying to make summer different and special.  We spend most of our time at home and it can get monotonous very easily!  So in my internet researching last week I discovered the idea of the Summer Fun jar!  So I made one of my own:
      Every day Bear picks an activity out of the jar and we do it!  So far we've made clothespin dolls, colored our entire sidewalk, took a trip to the library, colored hot rocks and tomorrow we are sending a homemade card.  This gives her something to look forward to and helps me fill the time.  I also made them some bean bags and colored some rice for them to play in.  So far it's all been a big hit!  And it's helping on these crazy hot days when it's just TOO hot to go outside.  Here are a few pics from our adventures so far and I will keep adding from here on out.  I'll try and give you links to some of the projects that I found online and copied...That way you can try it too!

 Clothespin Dolls

bean bags!

Hot rocks!

We made our own chalk!

Playing in colored rice!

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  1. Great ideas! Can't wait to see what else you come up with.